“I found my coach to be highly intelligent, she had done a lot of pre-analysis for the call. Irina was also very perceptive, listened to my feedback and fine-tuned her input as we went along. The session was very useful for me. My coach used humor and diplomacy to tackle my short comings but emphasized the need to play to my strengths. I also like the way Irina closed the sessions with clear actions. In short, timely, insightful & pragmatic.”

“Thanks so much for your open and highly appreciated feedback and for explaining the details behind the assessments. I very much enjoyed our conversation and the fact that we ended with some very concrete areas for improvements that I can start implementing right away. Your guidance was very valuable.”

 “Irina had very practical suggestions to implement. She encouraged me to not think too big right at first and get overwhelmed but to make little changes that would head me in the right direction. Irina was awesome at listening and she helped me use my feedback in a way that will benefit my professional growth. She helped me tie areas together where I did not recognize the connections. The coaching session was positive and encouraging.”


“Irina was very comfortable to talk to and I she gave feedback in a very positive and simple way. I believe that implementing some simple things would make a difference. She was also very personable.”

 “Thoroughness, even given the time constraint, was great. I liked how real-world examples were used to put inventory levels into context. Being pushed to commit to specific takeaways on the call, Irina did not let me off the hook. It was very effective and helpful. Irina’s deep experience and professional insights helped me put my roadblocks and bottlenecks into actionable plans that I'm implementing now.”

“The personal discussions were very valuable. Irina really helped me to better understand the results and derive clear action items out of this. It was a very personalized discussion, were she remembered my individual details, experiences and topics and helped to match this with my test results. I really enjoyed the coaching session.”