Life Boost Coaching

You are looking for a coach because you have a goal and somehow you got stuck, you need an extra push, you need accountability, or you want to accelerate to the next level.

You might want to be a better parent or child, be more social, be more patient, lose weigh, write a book, release an album, or just become better at something. Regardless of your goal - big or small, internal or external,  easy or hard - our sessions will help you get closer to it. 

Life boost coaching is for people who are motivated to change, curious about themselves, and for those who want to understand what trips them up in ways they don't realize. 

During our life coaching sessions we will co-create a plan, work to focus your actions, and track the progress toward them in a timely manner. We will explore what can help you reach your goals, what holds you back, and what motivates you. 


How we will work together


To see behavioral change and results you should commit to several sessions depending on your goals and desire to change (1 month, 3 months and 6 months packages available). However I don’t require any long term commitments and you decide what works best for you. You can get some value from a single coaching session but most probably your life will not change significantly after that. The real benefit of hiring a coach is experienced through an ongoing relationship aimed at achieving your goals. Having a personal coach provides a relationship built on trust and openness that allows safe exploration of difficult topics and supports risk-taking in trying new behaviors.


Sessions are one hour long and can be face to face, by video, or by phone depending on your preference and location. You would complete an assessment prior of the first session and during our coaching engagement you will receive tools that will help you accomplish your goals. Clients can expect a variety of practices, reflections, readings, and exercises.   In between session we will stay connected as needed with regular touch points to keep momentum and celebrate successes.   I'll customize a process to support you and help you reach your goals. Each of my clients receives a lot of my attention besides the session itself as I believe that building a quality partnership will benefit your ultimate goal.


My coaching engagements include: 

  • Free 30 min introductory session. 
  • One-on-one coaching sessions (single session or packages). 
  • Co-create an individualized working plan. 
  • In-between session calls, emails, or texts to support as needed immediate challenges or share a success. 
  • Assignments between sessions designed to create action and foster insight. 

While I am located in U.S., I work with clients from all over the world via phone and video conferencing. If you want to make (faster) progress towards your goals, work hard, and explore new grounds, I would say we are probably a good fit! Email me at to connect for a free 30 min introductory session.